Jumat, 15 Juni 2012

First to Know When stories English Lessons:
           For english lessons I may have difficulty than other subjects, it has been my experience since I first encountered this lesson when I was elementary school, elementary school when there may be some things that I still remember about the experience of this lesson, one of which is tasks given by the teacher I always ask my brother to do it, though explained the meaning and significance that task I still have difficulty in understanding it.
           Then, when junior high schools and vocational high school I started a little understanding of English language lessons, while periods of lower secondary schools and vocational high schools there is one thing I do not like with this lesson, when the exams are LISTENING, although I do not quite understand about this lesson remains lISTENING I do not like it, because at the time of my exams do not always listen well to what is being said, maybe it's because there are factors that speaker or exam room I could not hear very well. But by the time I knew the subject of accounting at secondary vocational schools are the words of the English language so I have more in depth, although only limited areas of the economy alone.
            And at this college I got more knowledge how to make letters or other mail order in the form of English that are in business English. And to this day although I do not speak English fluently but I understand what is being taught. Maybe I'll take a course for English language that I have would be much better for the world of work that demands kejenjang we can speak out, at least master the English language.